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You’re undoubtedly familiar with those famous blue seashells. Maybe you saw one in a friend’s garden, maybe you own one yourself.

You can put sand in them and use them as a sandpit, use water to enjoy a paddling pool during the summer and you can even transform it into a ball pit. Versatile piece, that blue shell.

That’s us.

Not only did we invent the famous blue shell, it also represents us in a lot of ways: 

  • Like our blue shell, we’re versatile. You’ll find in us a partner, toy producer, wholesale company, guide, customer service representative and loyal friend. Maybe even family.
  • Sustainability and durability are the future. We don’t just want to leave our mark on the toy business, we want to provide fun and warmth wherever we can for generations to come.
  • Trustworthy, safe and decent. You can rely on us every step of the way. Every product is tested for safety and durability following the latest European safety requirements.
  • Local and familiar. We produce 90% of your favourite toys locally in Belgium. As a result, you won’t just support our economy, you’ll also get very short delivery times and the most efficient customer service.

We’d love to have you in our family. Talk soon!

Yves Berten
Daniel Sacré

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